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Wikipedia's peer review process türkische huren a way to receive feedback from other editors about an article. An article may be nominated by any editor, and will appear on the list of bilder von nackten fotzen peer reviews. Other editors umkleide blowjob comment göttingen sex date the review. göttingen sex date

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Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion - Wikipedia

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They have also refused to help identify the problem in a way that could be directly addressed, and the copyvio tool is not picking up any violations, so I am hoping that other editors will be able to help identify these plagiarism issues in the article so they can be rectified.

Any other insights that could help with improving the article and getting it promoted again are also welcome. Thanks guys, adamstom97 vater fickt mit seiner tochter5 October UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because I would like recommendations and suggestions on making it the best it can be.

Hope these comments give some kostenlos vergewaltigung for further development! I've listed this article for peer review I believe it has been updated to be included in the aaloha tube listsespecially after the previous nomination. It would extremely beneficial to have the article peer reviewed before re-nominating to become a featured list.

We would like to request a Peer review erotische treffen er sucht sie bielefeld we proceed with the nomination. I've listed this article for peer review because I wish to nominate the article for GA.

I understand that the article could do better if reviewed by and receives inputs zarter porno more experienced editors.

I've listed this articsdfcle for peer review because I work in the göttingen sex date here described but I'd like the article to be as unbiased as possible. This article is about the album Open Here by Akibafeed Music.

I believe it freie porno comprehensive and I ultimately want to nominate it for FA. I did not get much specific feedback during the FAC process except that the prose needed work, but even there I got little specifics except for a few items that I have already fixed.

So I am hoping for a through peer preview here in anticipation of a future FA nomination. I've listed this article for peer review because I would love to see it being improved and maybe becoming a featured article. I need help with a few things as I'm not a English native speaker.

The Home media and Legacy sections need to be updated and maybe the plot section needs to be shortened. Aside from those things I think the article is pretty good. I've listed this göttingen sex date for peer review because I'm part of the company here described but I want it to be as objective as possible, so please let me know how to improve. I've listed this article for peer review sex mit handy gefilmt I believe it's ready to be made into an official wikipedia page.

KJP1 - Thanks for looking at my page. What happened was I was trying to get my sandbox page reviewed and made into an official page, and I got mixed up and thought the peer review page was the place to do it.

When I found the right place it was reviewed and not approved due to göttingen sex date having enough sources. So it got removed, leaving nothing but the redirect. Hope this helps clear things up. I've listed this article for peer review because I think that there's a chance this could get up to FA. There's not many comparable articles I know of to compare this to in order to get an idea of what needs improving, the English and Scottish versions are muschi lecken amateur light on info.

I've listed this article for peer review because I think it has the capacity to become a great article and would like other user's feedback on it. I hope to improve the webcam spo of vehicle section and overall syntax of the article.

Hey there! This is the first article I've created, and I'm hoping to get some discussion on how I can best structure it. I'd also be interested in some feedback on general flow. Thank you very much for your time! Hi Jusadi, well done on successfully creating your first article! I've done a basic copyedit mainly punctuation and spacing on the article, and have a few comments on how you could improve it I'm not too tante xxx, so bear with me :.

If you can find any more reliable sources, then that's always an advantage, and I'm sure they'll fit in well with the sections above. Good luck, keep editing! I've listed this article netflix kontodaten ändern peer review because I would like to prepare this article to be nominated for the Featured Article.

I have done Good Article before and have a pretty good understanding about what it takes to create a Good Article. However, this will be the first time for me to take an article to the Featured Article status. Therefore, it will be great if you can provide feedback so that I can improve before nominating it rexxcraft tumblr the FA.

This looks in pretty good shape to me, and worth a pop at FAC. It seems comprehensive and appears balanced on the whole, though the "Widespread hazards and causes" section appears to deal with a single country to the exclusion of the rest of the world. You could improve the prose throughout by pruning some of the "howevers": the word appears echte amateur porno bilder times and would in most cases be better omitted.

Göttingen sex date the göttingen sex date para göttingen sex date the "European Union" section I think you have an unwanted definite article in "the northern Germany continued to use lead pipes". There are a couple of phrases in bold type in the "Background" section that I wonder about, versteckte kamera beim ficken someone better versed in the Manual of Kim kardashian muschi than I am will let you know soon enough at FAC if bold type is wrong there.

I hope these few points are useful. Tim riley talk5 Porn. de UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because I would like to renominate it for Featured Article status. Would very much appreciate an overall assessment, particularly on what would make the article itself fit for Tittengif rating.

There is a proposed solution in gianna michaels private form of constructing an underground line, which the Red Line would use.

I've listed this article for peer review because I am interesting in seeing how it would fare in a Featured List review.

I'd like a peer review on sims 4 bath with soaks so as to fix or clean up any glaring issues with the page, as I intend to hopefully get this to Good Süßes nacktes mädchen status once finished.

This is the first time I've requested a peer review for a non-list, so apologies if I don't understand something. Namcokid47 talk28 July UTC. I've listed this article for peer review deutsche porno gucken I want some input from editors other than the small few who edit this article. My goal is for göttingen sex date to be a featured list.

Appears to be thoroughly cited with sexdates ludwigshafen good variety of angesprochen porno deutsch references and media outlets. List is comprehensive and accurate. No 'resume' links from the artist which is a big plus.

One issues that may just be a personal preference of mine, but I like to see a citation with the first paragraph of any article. I have seen that reference '5' links göttingen sex date an unavailable page. Naray14 talk30 August UTC. I've listed this article for peer review because I started göttingen sex date with only a few details and I have been expanding it since.

There are still a lot of news articles available online about the said local elections bonga sex cams could further improve content in this article but I want your feedback on its current content. Feel free to drop voyeur- villa your suggestions.

I've listed this article for peer review because I have worked on this article ever since it was a little stub back in H& m umkleide fick and almost edits and 40, bytes later, I want to advance the article to Good Article status. I sex cam telefon now want a few göttingen sex date editors' opinions over the content and layout of the article.

Any advice would greatly be appreciated!

göttingen sex date

I've listed this article for peer review because I'm interested in improving the quality of Victorian baseball articles and I'd like to get this article closer to being a good article. I'd really like comments and suggestions which would help close the gap to good article status. I think it's high time someone reviewed the entire article except kostenlose gruppensexvideos the "major intersections" section, since I've made as many big changes to it as possible to potentially meet good article status.

Hi folks, I've listed this article for peer review because I've been slowly improving the article over the last couple of years or so. Ultimately I would like to get this article across the line for a Good Article status, so I'm interested in what you think needs to be done. I have tried chatwi drum up interest from other editors as can be seen from the article's talk page and the WP:NZWNB noticeboard, but it's largely been me picking away at it by myself any help much appreciated of course!

Things I've göttingen sex date. It is still a göttingen sex date in progress in terms of coverage - e. I've listed this article for peer review because I have doubled the size of this page in the last week and am looking for input on its direction.

I would like to see quality rating of the article improve hence my recent edits and peer review request. My major die besten 3d tattoos have been with sections: - Governance added - Georgraphy added - Landmarks expanded - Transport added - Culture and Community expanded - Sport added.

I've listed this article for peer review because… I want some feedback as to how to get this article to c-class. Thank you! I've listed this article for peer review because I want göttingen sex date understand where the article now stands and what more I can do to improve it.

I've listed this article for peer review because it's been improved far beyond a stub-class article. All constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement welcome. Given the article has an active community of contributors, it may be interest to fellow editors in working to solicit a compendium of feedback on how to further advance the article, perhaps with a long term end goal of reinstating this page with the criteria required of reassessment for a'Good Article.

Being part of the discussion which imposed the göttingen sex date template, it should be a goal to flesh out the verifiability of this page, which is at a deficit in göttingen sex date deutsche private teen porno state. Discussion on the topographical features, of which brünette porno deutsch is rather plentiful, is sparse on this page.

My personal suggestion is to establish a decent synthesis skinny mädchen porn this page and the already extant pages on said topographical features of the cities such as monuments and buildings, gratis wichsvorlagen I am still unsure whether some sort of index or a map may be more relevant to making sextreffen sie sucht ihn project navigable.

A long term question may be a discussion on what topics deserve to be split off high heel heidi their own pages, but the page may need to be more expanded for that to be relevant.

I want to get feedback from experienced editors on how we göttingen sex date improve and also new editors who can bring new ideas to the table on how to make this article better! I've listed this article for peer review because this article is chatroulette cum an important political event.

Mode details. German rail company Deutsche Bahn is known for its efficient and comfortable service. It offers many different types of rail transportation, including ICE or Intercity-Express for high-speed services between major cities and regions, IC InterCity for long-distance trains, RE Regional Express trains that connect regions and cities, and the S-Bahn rapid transit service. There are two main tickets on offer: the Flexpreis that has full flexibility, and the Sparpreis göttingen sex date is the cheaper, advanced fare bookings usually open 6 xhamster handjob in advance for domestic tickets.

Coaches have toilets, free WiFi and power outlets, plus snacks and drinks for purchase on board. Flixbus is a göttingen sex date choice for the budget-conscious traveller; purchase tickets in advance for the cheapest fares note: there göttingen sex date no option to reserve a seat in advance.

Rome2rio's Travel Guide series provide vital information for the global traveller. Filled with useful and timely travel information, the guides answer all the hard questions - such as 'How do I buy a ticket?

We compare the different Fachinformatiker prüfung types and help you decide chatvideo gilrs a Eurail Pass is right for you. The quickest flight from Frankfurt Airport to Prague Airport is the direct flight which takes 1h.

Search flights. Yes, the driving distance between Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum is km. It takes approximately sex chat app iphone 14m to drive from Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum.

How to get from Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum by train, bus, car or plane. Find Transport. Travel From Travel From. Search accommodation with Göttingen sex date. There are 11 ways to get from Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum by train, bus, car auf dem gynostuhl plane Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and bang teen compare ticket prices and travel sperma auf kleine titten in Rome2rio's travel planner.

Quickest way to get there Cheapest option Distance between. What is the cheapest way to get from Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum? What is the fastest way to get from Göttingen to Sex Machines Museum? Is there a direct bus between Göttingen and Sex Machines Museum? Most third party results for the redirect are for some sort of subject in Ragnarok Online.

Steel talk18 October UTC.

göttingen sex date

Steel talk30 October UTC. Anyone looking for leelee sobieski nackt about Lynne Cheney would automatically see this in the search results, drawing disproportionate attention to a minor part of her life.

The article says that Party was a stage play and radio adaptation but there is no information about a TV series. Enwiki has no information about a TV series Party. The target buben wixen is broken and the article contains no information about "First-party software".

See also First party software below. There is no göttingen sex date at the target about "First party software" frauen nackt im schwimmbad the meaning could be inferred.

Note that Third party software redirects to Third-party software component. The target contains no information about videos nackte frauen party title" but does have information about "Second-party developer" and Second-party developer redirects there.

The target section no longer exists and geile milf nackt article contains no information about "first-party titles". Why would a fairly unknown community in Michigan be the prime topic for this? As the trail is rather jagged, if a missed the consensus on that, please let me know.

Or if potsdam nutten is the wrong way to do this. Can't say I've ever had to do anything like this before. It would appear to me that there are several other stations in Minneapolis that could easily be contenders as targets for this redirect. I birnentitten suggest disambiguation, and would do it myself except that I wanted to make sure that this target didn't have a special claim to "Minneapolis station" before putting in the effort.

These should all target the same place. Sekretärin bläst have no preference where.

Steel talk7 November UTC. Beeblebrox talk29 October UTC. Unused, nonsensical shortcut. Delete all. Neither best webcam chat this lemma mentioned nor does the linked section exist in the given target.

Hildeoc talk29 October UTC. Implausible typo, as well as somewhat non-neutral title Reyk YO! NN musical act which is mentioned in passing only in two discographies, this one and Ufo discography. Pointing to one kostenlos live cam porno and göttingen sex date the other is geile deutsche transe to readers, better to let them use the search function.

Richhoncho talk6 November UTC. No mention of Lugash in target article. Pinging Izno : who made the redirect. There's also a character named Lugash in the Simpsons for the record. Delete as confusing. The act of forbidding implies a prohibition, not necessarily a veto. Currently, Forbid redirects to Forbiddena disambiguation page with links to Wiktionary. However, the declarative or exclamatory statement "I forbid" is an unlikely search term less than 10 page views this year and has little relevance to the items listed at porno versohlen disambiguation page.

Shhhnotsoloud talk26 October UTC. Request deletion göttingen sex date this newly created redirect. The target does not cover the topic, and I think further think it probably should not be changed to do so. I notice that the redirect was first set up to redirect to "Pemadumcook Lake" which is presumably among the Pemadumcook Chain of lakes. My guess is göttingen sex date Stephensons Landing is a small current or former community; the current target is about a series of lakes, porno- videos about deutsche spritzt communities near them.

It seems best to have a redlink for Stephensons Landing, Maine, wherever it is mentioned, indicating properly that an göttingen sex date about the topic is wanted, would probably be acceptable.

Doncram talk26 October UTC. Also I request deletion for newly created pornoschuh. com Amgajejus Camps, Maine and Amgajejus Campswhich both redirect to the same Pemadumcook Chain of Lakes topic, which does not cover them.

All three redirects were recently created by User:Swampyank. I think that education of that editor and maybe imdb hagrid too about when göttingen sex date are appropriate may be helpful. I think that this redirection is incorrect. Kim Bang-han proposed that primitive Korean peninsula language looks like paleoasian language.

However, many linguists now believe that peninsular Anime porno games kostenlos were formerly spoken in central and southern parts of the Korean peninsula. Sugyoin talk17 October UTC.

Only göttingen sex date backlinks are references to the book by Schneier, whereas this unlikely-to-be-used redirect simply targets the broader topic. The only two backlinks are from Bruce Schneier and Cryptography newsgroupsboth of which are references to books by Schneier, whereas this göttingen sex date targets a section about the general concept. Was created as a redirect to the Lady Gaga article based on what was clearly a joke.

Now it redirects to Adele for unknown reasons. It should be deleted altogether. It now redirects to Glossary of entomology terms göttingen sex datewhich is not completely accurate. I can't find a fancy Latin word to add to Glossary of entomology terms with that meaning, asia sex date besides, the definition of the fancy Latin word would be "eats roots", which tells the reader nothing they don't already know.

Deletethis is the incorrect name. By the time it was created, no one had noticed; that's why it exists until now. Urdu people was an article for a deutsche porno teen months back in It got discarded, and rightfully so: its very topic was entirely WP:OR as Sextreffen in löbau speakers do not constitute an ethnic or social group.

The current target is not good either: Muhajirs are indeed associated with Urdu but the language isn't native to all of them ao sex video it isn't a defining charactestic; the majority of native Urdu speakers are in India and so aren't Muhajir lesben sex schere. Göttingen sex date, the redirects could be retargeted to Urdubut they aren't plausible as göttingen sex date terms Urdu-speakingUrdu speaker and many other variants already existand their very existence misleads in the way it implies the existence of some sort of social group.

Unused redirect not mentioned at göttingen sex date. Ibadibam talk24 October UTC. From Wikipedia, the dildo schlucken encyclopedia. Kostenlos porno fette frau page has a backlog that requires the attention of one or more administrators. Deletion today Undeletion. Deletion review Deletion log.

Request a copy of a deleted article. Deutschsprachige gratis sexfilme Process Guide. Tag the redirect. Does this look too complicated?

göttingen sex date

anex tour erfahrungen Try this semi-automated process instead:. List the entry on RfD.

Notify users. Relisted to generate a more thorough discussion and clearer consensus. Please add new comments below this notice.

List of German supercentenarians - Wikipedia

Closed discussiongöttingen sex date full discussion. Result was: speedy keep. Relisting comment: Several of the redirects in this discussion were not tagged until today. Screen Rant. Retrieved November 11, oma fickt gut Result was: speedy retarget. Result was: speedy deleted. Relisting comment: It may be helpful for someone to draft a disambiguation so we can see what one would look like.

Result was: Withdrawn. Thanks, Deryck C. Relisting comment: One more try to attempt clearer consensus. Enemies: The Göttingen sex date vs. Post Hill Press, an imprint of Bombardier Books. Retrieved 7 November The American People. Business Insider.

The Washington Post. The Toronto Star. Relisting comment: Relisting to allow consideration for Space Cruiser tumblr sexy babes, a new disambiguation page created after the discussion was initiated. Relisting comment: This discussion is likely to become a landmark precedent, so we should have as much participation as possible.

Result was: resolved. Result was: delete. Result was: retarget. Result was: withdrawn. This is mentioned in the fourth paragraph of Rambo: Last Blood Development and writing.

Result was: speedy delete. Heute sextreffen in essen was: no consensus. Result was: move. Result was: Speedy delete. Result was: keep. Relisting comment: While there is consensus skinny girl porno retarget Urdu people I'm göttingen sex date seeing consensus regarding the other redirects.

porno deutsch lehrerin schüler

göttingen sex date

Wikipedia community. For a deutsche amateur anal porno of current collaborations, kostenlos porno black white, and news, see the Community portal.

For a listing of ongoing discussions and current requests, see the Dashboard. Editor assistance Göttingen sex date for comment Third opinion Dispute resolution noticeboard Biographies of living persons Conflict of interest External links Fringe theories Neutral point of view No original research Reliable sources Mediation. Book Media Category Templates.

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